Zeltux's Official Documentation (Zeltux v1.5)

Welcome to Zeltux's documentation.

Zeltux Multipurpose Discord Bot

About Us

Zeltux is a multipurpose self-hosted Discord bot with a mission of replacing every other Discord bot in your server.
We strive to bring the best possible quality, for the cheapest possible price. We have a team of dedicated developers, bringing frequent updates, using the most modern technologies and development techniques to do this.
Zeltux prides itself in being one of the cheapest and most feature-rich Discord bots on the whole of the market - in fact, we are the cheapest self-hosted Discord bot, out of all the major competitors.
You can never get left behind with a massively detailed wiki and a dedicated 24/7 free support team. Zeltux is the most well documented self-hosted Discord bot ever and we're always here to help.
We have over 330 features and over 100 commands for you to dig into, with regular updates adding more and more! The vast majority of features we add are suggestions from our ever-growing community on our Discord server. We're always listening to your ideas.
Our modular design allows for extra addons to be designed and developed to add more functionality to Zeltux, as your need for features grows. With a group of third party developers and the official Zeltux developers, someone will be able to create what you need.
Hundreds of lines of configuration make us one of the most customisable self-hosted discord bots you can own. So with Zeltux, the power really is on your side.
Last modified 2yr ago