Third Party Developers

Zeltux's Third Party Developer Programme

Welcome to Zeltux's Third-Party Developer programme, this programme will allow developers to be recognized by Zeltux for creating addons to add to Zeltux.
  • Zeltux Third-Party Developers will create official addons for Zeltux.
  • They won't be developing any core features for the bot.
  • They will get bonus access, like priority support and a recognized role.
  • Zeltux Third-Party Developers will be able to sell their addons online to other people.
Requirements to become a Zeltux Third-Party Developer
  • You must be able to understand and program code in Discord.js, JavaScript comfortably.
  • You must be over 14 years old.
  • You must be confident in JavaScript & Discord.js logic and syntax.
Rules for Zeltux Third-Party Developers
  • You must create useful addons that other people will want to use, not just for your own use.
  • You must put effort into your addons, they cannot be half-arsed and badly coded.
  • You cannot sell your addons for ridiculously overpriced costs.
  • Be and remain in the Zeltux Discord server.
  • You must provide your own support for your addons, we do not provide support for Third-Party addons.
  • Follow instructions that we give you when creating and managing your addon.
  • You must provide a free copy of your addon to any Zeltux management team member upon request, for any reason, for moderation purposes, to prevent abuse.
Terms And Conditions
Failure to follow the requirements, rules and terms of our Third-Party Developer programme will result in your addon being removed from our marketplace and blacklisted from all Zeltux services.
  • You understand that we have the right to remove Zeltux Third-Party Developer status from anyone for any reason, without question.
  • You agree to all the above rules and requirements.
Join Zeltux's Third Party Developer Programme
Join the Zeltux Developer Programme by applying in our discord server! Expect to wait up to a week to hear a response.

Resources for Third-Party Developers