Zeltux's most frequently asked questions.

❓ Where can I purchase Zeltux & how much is it?

You can purchase Zeltux from our MC-Market page. We charge $7.50 for the full Discord bot.

⚙️ How can I setup Zeltux?

We have a detailed installation guide, right here on this wiki. This includes a detailed video guide and written guide. If you need any further support, feel free to join our Discord server.

✔️ How can I get the verified client Discord role?

You'll need our verified Client role in our Discord server in order to get support from our team. To get this role join our Discord server, create a ticket and tell our staff team your MC-Market username. From here, we'll send you a direct message on MC-Market, to confirm your purchase.
You'll also get your licence key from our Discord server as a verified client.

📦 What's an Addon and who are Third Party Developers?

An addon is a piece of code that you can add to the bot, to add extra functionality to your version of the bot. You can check out our marketplace for all the current modules. We also have a installation guide on how to install a module to the bot. Developers can create their own modules to use and give out for free. We also have a Third Party Developer programme which allows people to sell the modules that they make. This way we can verify that the developers who sell modules are trustworthy.

🦺 How can I join your team?

All open positions will be posted on our website.