Updating Packages

Updating the node_module packages.

How to update packages.

For some reason, you might to update the packages, or most likely, reinstall them to work on your operating system.

Before You Start Make sure your version of node.js matches the version in our dependencies. You can find out how to update your version of node.js in our updating node.js guide.

『1』Remove the old packages. To remove the old packages, navigate to the bots folder and delete the folder names node_modules also, delete the file called package-lock.json .

『3』Ensure your node version is up to date. Make sure your node version is v14.15.1 , if not, update it.

『2』Reinstall the new version of the packages. To install the new packages, you'll need to open a command terminal within the folder where your bot is installed. Then run the command:

npm install

If you need any help, feel free to get in touch on our discord server.