FFMPEG Install (Windows)

This guide is only for Windows.
FFMPEG is an important part of Zeltux needed to make the music system work. It needs to be downloaded slightly differently to the other dependencies, then added to PATH so Zeltux can access it.
This might be a little complicated, but if you need help, join our Discord server and we'll be happy to talk you through it.
Without FFMPEG all other parts of the bot still work fine.

Part 1 - Download

1) Download FFMPEG from 2) Download the .zip release (here).
3) Go to the folder you downloaded and unzip the file. 4) You should have 1 folder named ffmpeg-4.3.1-2020-10-01-essentials_build, to make things easier, rename this to FFmpeg.

Part 2 - Add to path

5) Copy this folder into the C:\drive folder - you can access this by typing that into the navigation bar of the File Manager
6) Open the advanced system properties, the easiest way to do this is by opening the run box (WIN + R on your keyboard) then type SystemPropertiesAdvanced.
7) Open the environmental variables:
8) Press PATH then edit
9) Add a new variable
10) Set the variable to be C:\FFmpeg\bin.
11) Press the OK button
Save all the settings and you should be good to go!
Note: You may need to restart your system for the change to take effect - not always though. Method and some images have been used from WikiHow, we've just updated it and made it a little easier.