2. Configuration

How to Configure Zeltux

  1. Go to https://download.zeltux.net where you will be redirected to our MC-Market page and you will need to login with the account you purchased the bot with.

  2. Download the bot, navigate to the downloaded folder and unzip it.

  3. Head to https://discordapp.com/developers and go to the Bot tab of your bot. Copy the token provided.

  4. Head to the /config/config.yml file and insert the bot_token.

  5. Go to Discord and enable Developer Mode. Then copy your server's ID and insert that into the /config/config.yml file under server_id.

You can configure the bot how you want in the /config/config.yml file, add permissions and aliases in the /config/commands.yml file and change any of the messages in the /config/language.yml file.

Licence Key

  1. Join Zeltux's Discord server at https://discord.zeltux.net

  2. Open a ticket and ask to be verified

  3. Once your verified you can run the command $getkey in the support server and our bot will DM you your licence key

  4. In the config folder, open the licenceKey.yml file

  5. Copy your licence key into the licence key field

NEW FOR ZELTUX v1.6 You'll now need a licence key to use Zeltux. Make sure to follow the steps above to get this.