v1.3 Update Guide

v1.2 -> v1.3

1️⃣ Take Back-ups

  1. Take a back-up of the whole /config/ folder.

  2. Take a back-up of the whole /data/ folder.

  3. Take a back-up of any addons in the /addons/.

2️⃣ Update Node.js to v14.3.0

  1. Update Node.js to v14.3.0. (Guide).

3️⃣ Download the new version

  1. Go to https://download.zeltux.net and download the new update.

  2. Unzip all the files into a suitable folder.

4️⃣ Copy old files

  1. Copy your old backed-up /data/ folder and replace the new /data/ folder with your old one. - You can just replace the entire data folder, you don't need anything from the new one.

  2. Copy your details from the old /config/config.yml to the updated /config/config.yml file But DO NOT just copy and paste the whole file.

  3. Copy permissions from the old /config/permissions.yml into the new /config/commands.yml file.

  4. Copy messages from the old /config/language.yml file into the new /config/language.yml file.

  5. Copy any old addons into the new /addons/folder.

IMPORTANT - Do Not Just Copy And Paste The Old Config To The New One! Unfortunatley, for this update, you need to copy each setting induvidually.

5️⃣ Ensure modules are correct

  1. Make sure the modules are up-to-date for your operating system and version of node. See the following guides: 1. Operating systems - http://docs.zeltux.net/support/operating-systems 2. Updating Packages - http://docs.zeltux.net/support/troubleshooting/updating-packages

6️⃣ Update Privileged Gateway Intents