Requirements that your server must meet.

Server Dependencies

  • The administrator permission.

  • Any configured channels and/or roles.

System Dependencies

  • Node.js

    • Strongly Recommended - Current version (Listed on as "Current")

    • Minimum - LTS version 12.18.3 (Listed on as "LTS") // some people have issues running on the minimum version, be prepared to update if you have to - we can help with this.

  • RAM

    • Recommended - 512MB

    • Minimum 256MB

  • Disk

    • Recommended - 250MB

    • Minimum - 190MB

  • An up-to-date version of all the packages required to run the bot.

  • FFMPEG (Music Commands Only).

  • A stable internet connection.

Windows Dependencies

  • Python 2.7

  • Visual Studio Desktop Development C++

A guide to installing both of these is outlined in our windows setup.

Privileged Gateway Intents

  • Privileged Gateway Intents Enabled - How To.

    • Server Members Intent

    • Presence Intent

Without these depenedencies, Zeltux will not be able to run.